Nutrition collection of Solvay food solutions

Endlessly pushes the limits to reach both taste & performance

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Some Solvay functional solutions are specifically designed to meet your needs & challenges in Nutrition - Health & Wellness formulations, very demanding in terms of both technical performances & final taste experience.

Over the last years, nutrition with its high-protein content, has become a mass-market, not anymore dedicated to athletes only. This trend, among others, raises new challenges:

  • No compromise on Taste  for new consumer profiles (seniors for instance)
  • Health & Wellness benefits
  • Bitterness / Off notes masking coming from pea, whey, soy, rice proteins
  • Functionalities: boosting, mouthfeel, roundness...
  • Clean label & natural labeling

In this Collection, we propose a selection of suitable food functional solutions to support food players requirements.

As illustrated in the symbol of Solvay Nutrition collection, the aim is really to provide the right functional and/or natural solutions to find in your final applications the right balance: the union of performances & taste for your consumers’ satisfaction.