Vanifolia® - Universal natural solutions

A global natural labeling for your Food products

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Bakery, chocolate, instant powder drink and more… An infinite range of food applications can benefit from Vanifolia® universal vanillin-based solution. What if it was your products? 

Developed thanks to Solvay historical expertise and unique patented technology, Vanifolia® natural range of functional solutions provides key properties for both processing & organoleptic requirements. 

This unique range has been obtained thanks to a unique integration in a patented natural technology, i.e. bioconversion from non GMO rice bran.

Specifically designed for food players looking for ‘Natural flavor’ labeling at a larger scale, Vanifolia® can support such crucial labeling stake in Europe, USA and more.

As we all know, key market trends are today linked to clean label and/or natural label to support extensive consumers’ request in Food. Industry has to adapt its food formulations accordingly without scarifying taste, performance and accessibility in terms of final cost for consumers.  Vanilla and vanillin-based formulations are at the heart of such challenges due to the universality of this beloved taste, its multiple properties and the large end-applications that rely on this ‘gold flavor’. Chocolate tablets, cake or fruit filling, experience this unique taste signature and can benefit from unique Vanifolia® set of natural and functional properties.

Each of our product ranges ensures traceability and food safety. Vanifolia®  is of course part of this fundamental Solvay commitment.

Vanifolia®: Various natural grades for many applications

Vanifolia® range of natural functional solutions proposes a differentiating sensory experience that can be adapted to all food applications requirements, in addition to its essential natural labeling benefit.

Full-rounded formulations, they can enhance specific notes in your final recipe or bring creaminess and mouthfeel effect in straight line with your objectives, while ensuring key processing characteristic (stability, flowability etc.). As responsible company, we, at Solvay, developed such solutions while securing Food safety and traceability in the production process. 

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