Zhenjiang Vanillin unit - China

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Wherever you are in the world, you can now purchase our well-known Rhovanil® directly in Asia.

Our Chinese vanillin production unit benefits from the Food Safety experience of our other sites, with industrial breakthroughs. Indeed, some innovations happened on the industrial process and a patented wastewater treatment has been built.

This unique dedicated system of effluents management is compliant with national and local stringent chinese regulations. It underlines the strong Solvay commitment to sustainability and quality.

A third Rhovanil® unit to serve China & Asian Food markets

Solvay Zhenjiang vanillin unit is producing Rhovanil® thanks to a fully integrated process, as managed in Baton Rouge USA, and Saint Fons, France. 

The site is focusing on services and quality to meet regional supply needs for vanillin. Worldwide or local players, existing or new customers, whatever the localization, Solvay can support food customers growth thanks to its 3 Vanillin units in the world. This combination of proximity, performance (process/ environment) and security of supply is unique on the vanillin market. Indeed, 1/3 of the investment for this plant (opened in 2015) was dedicated to a wastewater treatment unit, underlining the key commitment of our Group towards Environment.

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Servicing a promising domestic market

The addition of this manufacturing facility in China makes of Solvay a uniquely positioned highly reliable partner for Asian and worldwide customers. Especially those in the highly regulated food industry. It is an important step in our strategy to continue strengthening our market position, by offering a truly global production footprint that ensures full traceability for food safety, security of supply and to consolidate Solvay as the global reference for vanillin.

As Asian taste and palate is evolving, due to taste globalization, the plant is benefitting from food taste specialists.

Solvay food application labs (France, Singapore, Shanghai) are centers of expertise dedicated to food solutions. Food technologists, flavorists and dedicated sales force support customers everywhere to adapt the usage of vanillin range to local taste.