Rhovanil® Natural

Rhovanil® Natural, our natural vanillin range, allows you to label your products as natural.

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Completely compliant with both US and European flavor regulations, Rhovanil® Natural is obtained by bioconversion of a natural organic compound found in rice bran: ferulic acid. It can act as an alternative and/or complete any natural vanillin obtained from vanilla beans. Rhovanil® Natural is also GMO-free*, it has been approved by the highest food safety standards and is in line with the best regulations on the market.

* Without any Genetically Modified Organisms

Why is Rhovanil® Natural the best alternative to natural flavors?

Rhovanil® Natural satisfies food international players. Vanilla beans cannot cover the worldwide need and, as a consequence, the prices reach an all-time high. Thanks to our patented and exclusive biofermentation process, Rhovanil® Natural is the only natural vanillin product available on the market in line with both European 1334/2008 and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21CFR101.22 regulations regarding natural labeling; it has even been approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)**. 

Our vanillin and ethyl-vanillin range of products ensures complete traceability all along the manufacturing chain and provides consistency and quality thanks to dedicated on-site controls. Regarding Rhovanil® Natural, it is manufactured in Melle – one of our FSSC 22000 certified sites of production– thanks to our unique process and traceability commitment. It is both cost-competitive and delicious and its “natural status” makes it a very special product in terms of possibilities.

** The TTB is in charge of alcoholic beverages regulations.

Natural… and tasty!

Rhovanil® Natural is highly efficient when used in dairy products and ice-creams. When mixed with Rhovanil® Natural, fruit flavors of any kind (banana, raspberry, natural strawberry, fruit blends…) can benefit from candy-like profiles to the great delight of children. It releases sweet and creamy vanilla notes in a large amount of applications:

  • Pastry, biscuits, cakes, French pastry creams
  • Confectionery, vanillin and vanilla sugars
  • Chocolate products, cocoa extracts, caramel products
  • Malted flavors
  • Beverages

Rhovanil® Natural main characteristics

Rhovanil® Natural is a very special solution used and approved by many food companies – including the biggest ones – manufacturing pastries, dairy products, ice-creams, and beverages. Because our historical expertise has been experienced and trusted, they regularly incorporate Rhovanil® Natural in their leading brands. Here are Rhovanil® Natural main features and benefits they retained:

  • Natural labeling possibilities in the whole world: “Flavor”, “Vanilla Flavor”, “Natural Flavor”, “Natural Flavoring Substance”, “Natural Raw Material” 
  • Powerful natural vanilla notes with a very sweet and creamy character
  • A soft and powdery facet completed by a touch of caramel
  • Zero GMO within the manufacturing process
  • Purity and consistency

Rhovanil® Natural is the best solution for your business. Do not hesitate to contact us to test/taste it!