Rhovanil® vanillin

Food Safe vanillin

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Vanillin is one of the most universal tastes. Based on vanilla’s main organoleptic component and built on our historical expertise, Rhovanil® Vanillin is the market reference in the whole Food industry.

Solvay industrial know-how made Rhovanil® become what it is today. This trendy flavor, reminiscent of childhood, provides numerous physicochemical properties. Its sweet and creamy scents are the sole on the market obtained through a fully integrated manufacturing chain. Indeed, from raw material to Guaiacol, Rhovanil® is manufactured through a clean and safe manufacturing chain, fully mastered in our production sites from A to Z.

Rhovanil® Vanillin main features

  • The highest purity level on the market
  • Outstanding organoleptic properties (sweet and creamy vanilla scents)
  • Consistent physicochemical properties (e.g. excellent solubility)

Of course, Rhovanil® vanillin is in line with the most stringent food safety standards of the market (each of our manufacturing plants are FSSC 22000 certified). Our complete process control ensures complete traceability and consistent quality throughout the manufacturing chain. 

“Food safety” and “Security of supply” are our leitmotivs as requested by Consumers & Customers. We proudly produce Rhovanil® Vanillin in North America (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Europe (Lyon, France), and China (Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province) via a clean and sustainable in-house process We prevent our product from any risk of cross contamination by using the best-in-class technology. Our process is certified as the best sustainable technology available and cleaner and safer than the other processes. We do not use any harmful solvents as benzene, toluene nor chlorinated organic solvents for instance.

Applications: Rhovanil® offers many possibilities

Rhovanil® main organoleptic profile is vanillin. It suits many food applications and can be used in confectionery, pastry or baking. Solvay vanillin can boost a vanillinated sugar or bring a sweet taste to your ice-creams. It is also highly efficient in chocolate products.

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